Ph. D. dissertation, A Grammar of Ughele – An Oceanic language of Solomon Islands, is available online

My Ph. D. project with the aims to write a grammar of the Oceanic language Ughele is now officially concluded. I am continuing to write on Ughele, making use of the body of data assembled during my field trips for the time being. My Ph. D. dissertation is available online and can be downloaded using the link below its description.


Ughele is a language belonging to the Oceanic subgroup of Austronesian languages. It is spoken by two communities inhibiting the neighbouring villages, Ughele and Egholo, on the island of Rendova in Western Province, Solomon Islands. This dissertation represents the first description of the Ughele language to this date. It consists in 25 short chapters that covers essencial information about its phonology, morphology, syntax, pragmatics and discourse structure, with the most emphasis put on morphology and syntax. In addition, it contains a brief introduction to one of the Ughele speech communities, and an appendix containing word lists and a few Ughele texts with interlinear glosses and translations.

PDF: Frostad, Benedicte Haraldstad. 2013. A Grammar of Ughele, Utrecht: LOT Publications.

Hard copies can be purchased from LOT here.


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